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Office located at
West Zion Mennonite Church

The Purpose of the Northwest Mennonite Conference is to bring glory to God by building His kingdom on earth.


  • to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in empowered mission at home and abroad.
  • to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of people.
  • to establish and nurture local congregations of believers.
  • to stimulate congregations to develop a focused vision for being God's people in the community.
  • to assist congregations in the developement of their program.
  • to determine the collective will and vision of the affiliated congregations for evangelism and service.
  • to organize collective vision into programs.
  • to develop and nurture effective leadership in congregations.
  • to foster involvement in the total program of the Mennonite church and with other groups within the body of Christ to carry out the world-wide mandate of the church.