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We have a special interest in Meserete Kristos College because of the many years of leadership and involvement of Carl and Vera Hansen in this project. Carl and Vera are from the Duchess Church, and Carl also pastored the Salem Mennonite Church in Tofield. Carl and Vera have presently moved back to the States, but still have an active interest in this ministry.


MKC was founded in Ethiopia in 1994 as a simple Bible School, but its vision is to become a full Christian University. It is presently a seminary specializing in the training of church leaders. From 1994 to 2011 the College has graduated 468 persons from its certificate, diploma and degree programs.

In January, 2007 the entire campus moved 45 kilometers to Debre Zeit where they have been working hard to create their dream campus, pictured below. They have finished the Education Building, a guest house and the men's dormitory which will house up to 384 students. The next building program will be the women's dormitory. The dormitories have taken longer than expected because of escalating costs. Another urgent need is the drilling of a second water well. Donations to MKC can be made through NWMC.
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